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Evaluating Supply Management Costing Data

Date:   Feb 11, 2021 - May 06, 2021
Time:   7:00 PM

Students analyze the responsibilities of supply chain from a macro and micro economic perspective.  Upon completion of the course, students will understand the costs and key performance indicators which strategically influence operational decisions, while adopting processes for effective and high-quality supply management decisions

Introduction to Operations & Supply Chain Management Strategies

  1. Evolution of Supply Chain Management
  2. Financial Contributions
  3. Functions of organizational structures, ownership & management
  4. Triple Bottom Line
  5. Comparing ‘goods’ & ‘services’

Sales & Operations Planning

  1. Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
  2. Planning Horizons, Yield Management & Production Planning Strategies

Process Analysis


  1. Product-Process Matrix
  2. Process Mapping
  3. Process Performance Metrics
  4. Make-to-Order versus Make-to-Stock

Strategic Service Process Analysis

  1. Process Design
  2. Waiting & Queuing Time Analysis
  3. Service-System Design Matrix
  4. Operational Classifications


  1. Logistics System Design Matrix
  2. Factor Rating System
  3. 3PL

 Inventory Management

  1. Scope & Purpose
  2. Inventory Performance Metrics
  3. Pareto 80 / 20 Analysis
  4. ABC Classification
  5. Total Inventory Costs


  1. Forecasting Ranges
  2. Forecasting principles & practices
  3. Qualitative and Quantitative Forecasting Techniques
  4. Evaluating Forecasting Performance (ie. MAD, MAPE, SD)



  1. Evolution of MRP to ERP
  2. Contributions to the supply chain and operating performance metrics
  3. Review concepts & applications (ie. MPS, BOMs, Lead Times, Inventory Files)
  4. Ordering Practices (EOQ, Part Period, Lot for Lot)

 Lean Supply Chains

  1. Reduction of waste strategy
  2. Kaizen
  3. Toyota Production System
  5. JIT
  6. Lean Supply Chain Design Principles
  7. Value Chain Mapping

Global Sourcing & Procurement

  1. Role of sourcing and procurement
  2. Establishing cost effective supply chains
  3. Develop & evaluate Vendor Performance metrics
  4. Manage Vendor Performance
  5. Bullwhip Effect
  6. Green Sourcing
  7. Total Cost of Ownership



  1. Scope & purpose of Total Quality Management (TQM)
  2. ISO Quality Programs
  3. TQM costs
  4. Six Sigma
  5. DMAI

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A textbook is required for this course.
Operations & Supply Chain Management The Core, 4th  edition, © 2017

Operations and Supply Chain Management: The Core

F. Robert Jacobs and Richard Chase

Hard Copy: ISBN10: 1259549720 | ISBN13: 9781259549724

Loose Leaf Copy:  ISBN10: 1259671003 | ISBN13: 9781259671005


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