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Supply Chain Planning & Collaboration during the Peak Season

Date:   Jan 24, 2020
Time:   3:00 PM (EST)
Location:   Online


In an increasingly competitive landscape, retailers and their suppliers are running more and longer promotions. This is complicated by e-commerce and omni-channel strategies which make sales more dispersed and granular. Major retailers are changing the way they run promotions, coming from a forecasting world which is difficult, to a planning world where you plan according to risk, alternatives and quick response. A successful holiday season planning, however, is not only made possible by the effort of the retailer, but their suppliers also play a significant role as well. 

With the 2019 holiday season behind us, let us go through all the steps taken by retailers and their suppliers for an effective and efficient holiday season.

In this Webinar, we invite two specialists from both sides of the table and will discuss how they planned and of course, collaborated to make it through the season. 

Danny BloemSupply Chain Expert and Senior Consultant, Slimstock Canada


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