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Advanced Standing - Case Study Report Writing - Self Study Online

Date:   Apr 01, 2023 - Apr 30, 2023



You have 30 days from the day you register to complete the course.

Registration: $500.00 + Province Tax

This online course introduces the basic concepts and structure of a case study report. It will include online content and online quizzes. The online quizzes (True/False and Multiple Choice) will provide immediate feedback on whether or not you have successfully understood the exercises. The online workshop, including quizzes, can be completed in a single day, or can be taken one topic at a time, as you wish.

Following the course, students submit a case for feedback from a coach.

Upon completion of this online workshop, students are able to:

  • Understand the format and evaluation for writing a case report
  • Understand the process of framing a case
  • Apply the case study response structure, including:
    • Issue identification
    • Environment and root cause analysis
    • Alternatives and options
    • Recommendations
    • Implementation
    • Monitor and control
    • Executive summary

Registration will be closed 30 days before the course end date to allow for a minimum of 30 days to complete the course.