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Supply Chain Strategy for Manufacturing Leaders

Date:   Mar 02, 2021 - Mar 04, 2021
Time:   1:00 PM (EST)

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Has your supply chain strategy shifted to meet emerging customer expectations?  The pandemic spotlighted the need to be nimble and adapt, but how do you adapt the strategy and approach to be ready for disruptions and increasingly faster competitive global economy?  If you need to elevate your Supply Chain (SC) to address challenges in the marketplace and set up for supply chain success in delivering on your organization's customer expectations join this workshop to start the process of assessment, planning, and developing a roadmap.  Our Instructor will guide you through the tools to assess your supply chain capabilities and begin the outline of your own roadmap and action plan.

  • Execute and synchronize your supply chain operations more effectively and enable emerging Customer expectations
  • Become more resilient, agile and responsive to changing customer needs
  • Be more innovative and scale faster to improve your competitive advantage with new capabilities and/or expand into new markets (domestic / international)

This workshop will lead you through a review of the critical elements impacting your supply chain today across the dimensions of people skills, leading edge processes and enabling digital and operational technologies. It will help you to identify what you may need to do differently to drive more profitability, execution effectiveness, innovation and competitiveness.  You will have the time to reflect on the framework and template model provided to outline your own potential roadmap and action plan, and be equipped to expand and redesign a supply chain strategy specifically for your business.


Bernie Uhlich is a tenacious Global Supply Chain & IT Transformation Executive and Management Consultant with over 30 years experience helping companies lead and deliver game-changing, breakthrough transformational change results by aligning their end-to-end Supply Chains and IT with the business, customers and partners to achieve operational excellence. He optimizes processes, solves complex integration problems and creates new capabilities resulting in multi-million dollar cost savings, successful M&A integrations & new revenue streams.

Bernie has helped companies such as Celestica International, Indigo, Coca-Cola, Unitel (Rogers AT&T), Solutions2Go (Sony PlayStation Distribution), Canada Goose and other industry leaders catapult their Supply Chains, IT, Services and Online e-Business to world-class competitiveness.

Through his firm Uhlich Associates Inc., Bernie and his associates, provide, operational, IT, project and digital transformation leadership services, Board level governance and education to organizations in various industries. Clients range from large through small manufacturing, distribution, retail, energy/resources, IT, services and healthcare companies. He has been featured in numerous industry publications and acts as host / MC / producer of industry conferences.

Bernie supports elevating the Supply Chain Profession as a member of the Supply Chain Canada, Ontario Institute Board, and is a seasoned management consultant, speaker and photographer based on the shores of Georgian Bay north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Non-member Price: $995 + HST

Member Price: $795 + HST (Relevant for members of Supply Chain Canada and NGEN)


DAY 1 – Supply Chain Strategy Foundation – 4.5 hours

  1. 1.      Review of how manufacturing companies can apply best-practice end to end supply chain techniques to improve execution performance, including how to enable leading-edge solutions, and integration with their trading partners for competitive advantage
  • Identify key new and emerging Customer expectations as a result of COVID & other disruptions.
    • What are the gaps in your supply chain execution and capabilities?
    • How do these apply across small, medium and larger manufacturers?
    • Review supply chain capability levers across your end-to-end supply chain which can drive performance to:
      • Elevate and improve your manufacturing operation execution effectiveness and efficiency (applying the industry standard SCOR model as a best practice reference),
      • Enable you to optimize performance, integrate and improve the interactions with your Customer and Supplier partner,
      • Help you innovate new approaches and capabilities which create competitive advantage.
    • Discuss what can make an effective supply chain a competitive weapon and how it can produce faster time to market, create new revenue capabilities and become more resilient as you scale and grow.
    • Discuss if your current supply chain strategy and capability is aligned with your business operations and customer expectations to help you clarify your improvement goals & priorities.

è Breakout group session to outline your Supply Chain Strategy Roadmap Action Plan:

  • What are the top 2-3 goals & results you have identified  
  • Clarify the outcomes required
  • Identify the immediate 2-3 action steps to initiate

2. Supply Chain Design Tips and Techniques / Principles and Application – “A Template approach”

  • Framework template for analysing elements of your supply chainto identify vulnerabilities, risks, gaps
    • Performing a Diagnostic – Map physical and key process flows, baseline metrics
    • Prepare your next steps – SWOT Analysis, Recommendations for next steps
    • Discuss Best Practice considerations in Design for:
      • Supply Chain Operational Flows - to align with your business model and strategy
      • Sourcing – Principles to build resilience, effective procurement & end-end execution
      • NPI (New Product Introduction) – speeding your time to market
  • Developing Your Roadmaps for Scalability and Growth

Breakout group session to apply diagnostic to a simple example.

DAY 2 – Supply Chain Analytics and Strategies – Where do your opportunities exist? – 4.5 hours

1. Supply Chain Metrics and Management Processes

  • Identify Metrics that matter
  • Discuss how Supply Chain metrics align to business financial statement metrics – the CFO/CEO/Shareholders’ perspective
  • How to drive performance via aligned metrics

Interactive Group discussion on what is the most impactful KPI in your business and how it aligns for performance.

2. Survey of Enabling Technologies & IT that enable Manufacturers End-End Supply Chain capabilities

  • Emerging trends in Technologies and Applications – “what’s out there”, and what fits where.
  • Framework for - Requirements definition, Scope of needs, Vendor Selection, Project Launch. 

3. Digital Supply Chain / Transformation Concepts – Deciding how best to enable your Operational Model

  • Applications of Digital Supply Chains in Manufacturing industries across partners
  • Key Elements and building-blocks of Digital Transformations

Discussion Workshop – Adding Technology Dimension to your Draft Action Plan

DAY 3 – Implementation Accelerators - People Skills, Emerging Expectations & Methods – 3 hours

       1. Discuss Trends in emerging skills and capabilities to support new supply chain strategies

       2. Discuss Techniques and Methodologies – which fits for effective deployment success

  • Applications of Lean/Six Sigma
  • Change Management approaches
  • Change Leadership principles and techniques for breakthrough change projects
  • Survey of Techniques for Innovation

Breakout group to discuss your skill gaps / considerations and applications of methodologies to your Roadmap Projects

     3. Recap Discussion Session

  • Open Question & Answer to discuss the frameworks, tips and techniques,

 Breakout Group time to continue work on outline of a roadmap and action plans / intergroup networking and support discussion.

      4. Summary and Conclusion – Recap of course curriculum

  • Highlights of Frameworks and approach to driving opportunities
  • Guiding principles for success


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